Adapt to the 'New Normal' with these adaptogens

With the largest wave of lockdown restrictions behind us (fingers crossed), you may find that instead of going back to the normal life you’ve been missing, a new normal is slowly but surely being established. This isn’t to say that a new normal can’t be an exciting adventure and if you really think about it, it’s not too surprising either.

But a new normal isn’t always an easy scenario to get used to. It may throw out of order things that were in the making and ignite fears that were shut deep down. That’s because change is not an easy thing for people. We’re just not programmed to enjoy them, yet I encourage you to take any ‘New Normal’ you find yourself in, with a generous pinch of excitement.

To help you achieve exactly that, I curated a list of adaptogens, herbs and mushrooms that are non-toxic and work non-specifically. They’re known by their ability to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and have many other exciting benefits. These could help you adapt quickly to the new normal and perhaps even use it to grow that much further.

Adaptogens can support you during such a transition in many ways, so I divided this adaptation method into two levels. The first uses the ability of adaptogens to reduce stress and bring about deep sleep and relaxation, the second will help you energise from within and tap into your creative self to make the situation work for your benefit.

1. Strengthen your overall system using the mushroom king – Chaga. Chaga’s origins are in Northern countries, where traditionally the Chaga was taken to assist the body and mind in dealing with harsh conditions. Chaga is also loaded with antioxidants. Taking it when things aren’t going as planned will support your overall wellbeing and allow you to respond better and quicker to the changing situation.

2. Calm your mind and balance your hormones with Tulsi. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a sacred plant in Hinduism. It works with your lungs, which is commonly where anxiety sits, to bring sensations of calmness and relaxation that will allow you to restore balance within the body and significantly reduce stress.

3. If the situation and associated stress is causing you to lose sleep, try introducing Reishi. Reishi supports deep and quality sleep and together with a thoughtful bedtime routine can help you both to fall asleep quicker and to sleep throughout the night. Sleep is of huge importance in order to keep healthy in the long and short run, so this is a big one.

4. Introduce super foods, detox more deeply and support you skin after being at home more than you’d like to, using Shiitake. Containing 7 vital amino acids Shiitake is the ultimate supplement to a balanced diet to ensure your body is healthy and able to support you during a transition period. It will revive you from within outward and boost your confidence to socialise again.

5. Let your creativity sore using Lion’s Mane. Because the most creative solutions come from the most difficult situations. The Lion’s Mane will assist you to clear your mind from all the news and chatter and focus on creative solutions for your specific situation. You know what they say, if life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. Lion’s Mane will support you in doing exactly that.

6. Charge your long-term energy storage and energise from within using Cordyceps. When experiencing difficulties to adapt to a new normal you may feel you’re lucking the energy to drive you forwards. Using Cordyceps to charge your long-term energy storage should then be your top priority. So that your energy level is consistent throughout the day, and you don’t experience harsh highs and lows.

The name of these incredible herbs and mushrooms, adaptogens, is derived from their ability to help you adapt to different situations in life and enhance your overall wellbeing. Turning to them in these sorts of situations can make a big difference.

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