How to choose adaptogens

When reading the different descriptions, many adaptogens can seem almost identical in their benefits. But each adaptogen has its own unique identity and personality. So that one might work better for you than another. This is why it might require trial and error to find your personal favourites – and trust me, it’s worth it!

And although many will feel the effects instantly after taking certain adaptogens, it may take a while before you notice any changes (and it’s probably says something good between you and me). So, it’s worthwhile sticking to an adaptogen for at least a month or so before trying a different one. Of course, if you’re experiencing any discomforts, it might be a sign this particular adaptogen and you are not best fit for one another, and you might want to seek a professional advice.

So, let’s dig right in - how to choose adaptogens?

  1. Start by identifying the challenges you have, imbalances you feel or goals you’d like to achieve. We love using journaling as a way to identify and record these.
  2. Now that you know what you want to improve, find the adaptogen that’ll help you achieve those desired benefits (i.e. do your research!).
  3. Now, tune in! Really feel how you feel when taking the adaptogens and record it! This is the best way to identify which one best fit you. You can find creative ways to consume adaptogens here.

Obviously, there are more nuisances to all these amazing plants and mushrooms, and these are very general recommendations to help you make an informed decision when searching for the perfect adaptogen for you.

We also recommend experimenting as not one adaptogen is a perfect for everything. For more questions and enquiries, contact us at



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