Our Mushrooms

Our Mushrooms

100% Organic

Our mushrooms grow on organic substrates. These ensure toxins are excluded from the mushroom growing process. This is highly important when it comes to mushrooms as they consume the substrate they grow on while developing to produce a fruiting body and reproduce.

Full Spectrum

Mushrooms have a unique development process that involves the spores consuming its food through outer-cellular metabolite processes. Our powder includes these, as well as the developed mycelium network.

Best Quality

Because of the way mushrooms develop they are highly exposed to contaminants. This is why we grow our mushrooms on an organic and nutrient-rich substrate in a pharmaceutical-grade clean room.

Cold drying & milling

After harvest, we use special cold-drying and cold-milling technique that protect the heat-sensitive enzymes and break down the chitinous fibres in the soft cell walls to make them fully digestible in your body.

Why Tulsi Spirit mushrooms?

All Tulsi Spirit mushroom powders include the full spectrum mushroom compounds to ensure you get all the properties you possibly could from the desired mushroom.

Our growing and processing techniques are what allow us to do exactly this.

How do we grow our mushrooms?

The quality and potency of mushrooms can vary widely, depending on a variety of factors. Tulsi Spirits’ mushrooms are the most effective and finest quality available. They are the product of many years of research, which has led to the long-
established and proven strains of mushroom spores we now use.

You see, in nature, mushrooms are responsible for digesting and recycling organic debris. So, they actually consume the
organic material on which they grow. And as a result, they can easily accumulate toxic metals and other contaminants. That’s why the substrate on which they grow is extremely important.

Our mushrooms grow on a certified organic, brown rice, millet and buckwheat substrate. This highly nutritive substrate gives the mushrooms the best growing environment and also allows us to avoid allergens present in commonly used
substrates such as soy. Our mushrooms are then even further protected from contamination, because they grow in a
pharmaceutical-grade clean room with HEPA air filtration. They are carefully monitored throughout their growth to ensure the complete development of all their active beneficial compounds.

Then, after harvest, we use special cold-drying and cold-milling technique that protect the heat-sensitive enzymes and break down the chitinous fibres in the soft cell walls to make them fully digestible in your body.

Our mushroom growing facility has won many awards over the years in our industry, it's one of the first in the USA to offer exceptional, 100% certified organic mushroom powders, and is still the best.

*Read about our Chaga wild-harvest on the Chaga product page.

Full Spectrum vs. Fruiting Body vs. Mycelium

We know there is so much mixed information and opinions out there regarding what part of the mushroom should we consume, and how to consume it. So, this is why we believe so deeply in our mushrooms.

The terms you should know:

Full Spectrum - ‘Full Spectrum’ Mushroom Powders contain the complete fungal material consisting of all the biologically available components, including the mycelium, primordia, fruitbodies, and most importantly, the extracellular compounds produced throughout the entire life cycle of the organism. The extracellular compounds are excreted outside of the cell and into the surrounding environment throughout the mushroom’s life. These include all the “survival” compounds the fungus produces to give itself an advantage over the competing bacteria and microbes, in the highly competitive environment in which it lives. It is these extracellular compounds that are responsible for the main medicinal properties we know from the mushroom’s kingdom.

Fruiting Body – The part of the mushroom that normally is visible above ground and is traditionally known as mushroom. This is the reproductive organ of the mushroom. When fully mature, it will produce the spores that will be distributed across plant matter and allow for the creation of new mycelial networks, and ultimately the spread of the fungus. It’s often toxic, in order to ensure the spore’s survival and continuation of the fungus life cycle. The cell walls of the fruiting body itself are also relatively strong and difficult to digest, another survival mechanism of the mushroom.

Mycelium – Mycelium is the “root” system of the mushroom. It is everywhere in nature, creating beneficial relationships with trees, growing as it decomposes dead matter. The mycelium can reach hundreds of metres long and can live for thousands of years. The mycelium is an integral part of the substrate it grows on, as it grows it changes the chemical composition of the substrate. “Alongside the pure mycelium, the cultured rice substrate becomes a new, integrated functional food providing complete and effective support for immune function.” – Paul Stamets

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