What is Tulsi Spirit?

Over the past decade or so, we invested extra-long hours learning and experimenting with different alternative medicines, aiming to achieve the perfect go-to diet for ourselves.

Why did we do it?
It started because we wanted to be more educated about alternative medicines and ended up with us embracing that we should take full control over our health. Our research brought us to the understanding that being depended on symptom-based, prescription medicine is just not sustainable, and also, having that control is super empowering!

In this process we discovered adaptogens and they became our favourite plants for literally everything. But what are these super fashionable plants? Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years, mainly in Eastern medicines. The way they work on the body and the mind is the most efficient and significant. Because they enhance the balance in the body. And balance is the game changer.

Our bodies just don’t like extreme conditions. When it’s too cold, we moan and when it’s hot for over 3 days, we moan again. It’s the same within our body, when for example, our immune system is barely active, we can get ill way too easy because it can’t defend us, and when the immune system is too active, we would also get ill because it attacks everything! A balanced system is the perfect state then.

When we created Tulsi Spirit we curated the highest quality plants and mushrooms portfolio. We use only growers we 100% trust, and process using special technologies that break the cell walls. This unique way makes our powders one-of-a-kind in the market in the amount of enzymically-active ingredients. These are the “active” ingredients that we rely on to balance the different systems.

Then, we thought how we can make it easy to consume without being boring (aka “put it in your smoothie” – I know mine is already fully loaded). So, we teamed up with an amazing recipe developer to create delicious recipes so you can make the most of the adaptogens you want to add to your life.

I hope this made you consider taking control on your health, in the best possible way, i.e. using adaptogens!!

Click here to shop, or if you have more questions email us on hello@tulsispirit.co.uk .


Organic Adaptogens
It’s time you take control of your health and live your life to their fullest!

We use ancient Eastern medicine secrets to source special herbs and mushrooms that’ll make sure you achieve those life goals

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