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Tulsi Spirit Turkey Tails mushroom (Trametes versicolor) grows in specialised farms in the USA. It's grown on a certified organic, brown rice, millet and buckwheat substrate. This highly nutritious substrate is extremely important, protecting the mushrooms from any toxic metals and other contaminants.

Our mushrooms are then even further protected from contamination, using a pharmaceutical-grade clean room with HEPA air filtration. They are carefully monitored throughout their growth to ensure the complete development of all their active beneficial compounds.

They're then processed using special cold-drying and cold-milling technique that protect the heat-sensitive enzymes and break down the chitinous fibres in the soft cell walls to make them fully digestible in your body.

The powder contains the full spectrum of the mushroom which includes the fruiting body, mycelium and digestive outer cells. Each contributes for the brilliant absorption and effectiveness of this mushroom powder.

How to use:

Add 2 grams of powder to your smoothie, tea, coffee or recipe daily.

Turkey Tails History

Turkey Tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) has long been used in Japanese folk herbalism and in Traditional Chinese medicines to support as a nonspecific immune modulator.

Turkey Tails can be found in the wild with bands of colours such as orange, blue, white, and tan. These mushrooms earned their name because they resemble the tail of a turkey. In Latin, Trametes means “one who is thin,” and versicolor means “variously colored.”

Cook with Turkey Tails

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