About Us

We created Tulsi Spirit because...  

We deeply believe in the incredible power of plants.

At our home going to see the doctor wasn’t the norm, instead we took herbs, roots and mushroom blends to protect from any physical illness or emotional imbalance. And over the years plants became an integral part of our lives, so adding them to our everyday diet just felt natural.

Like waking up in the morning after a night out to the noise of dad making his 'cordyceps-maca-pomegranate' drink that he couldn’t possibly just skip for that one morning… Or, when the only dinner is mum's Kitchari that can be quite full on.

You see, for us, both in our personal lives and in Tulsi Spirit, the quality of the plants is the game changer. We only source the best we can possibly find. And we did find it!

Tulsi Spirit’s adaptogens are carefully selected herb and mushroom varieties that are the result of many years of research. They are 100% certified organic and grown on a sustainable farm in the USA. We collect them at their peak and utilise special cold-drying and cold-milling techniques to protect the heat-sensitive enzymes. Basically, we ensure all the goodies are available for you and well, us.


"Originally a qualified pharmacist, I felt my path had to align with the frequency of nature. I strongly believe in the power of shared knowledge and want to inspire people to get into the transformative journey to wellbeing."


Product Developer & Sourcing Manager


"I'm passionate about cycling and healthy living. So taking adaptogens and superfoods is a huge part of my routine to keep me focused and energised throughout my day. I love connecting with people and hearing interesting life journey stories."


Business Strategist & Sale Manager


"I'm an environmental science student and a health food chef. I love the sea, the sun and all animals! I believe we can all interact with nature more and that the best way to start, is to connect with its power language."


Creative Director & UK Operations

Plants help us lead our lives to the fullest, and we believe we should do our best to keep them and their entire ecosystems flourishing. That’s why the health of the planet is at the core of EVERYTHING we do.
You can visit our sustainability promise right here.

When imagining Tulsi Spirit we wanted to make it as easy and intuitive for you to add adaptogens to your diet. So, you can enjoy this feeling of vitality and overall well-being everyday.

With Much Love,

Tulsi Spirit team

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