About Us

Tulsi Spirit is a holistic company that ethically sources high quality herbs and mushrooms from India, the USA and the pristine forests of Northern Europe. They are collected at their peak and processed using special cold-drying and cold-milling techniques to protect their heat-sensitive enzymes.

Basically, we ensure all the goodies are available for you and well, us.

Our mission

Our guiding force is to encourage a change in the attitude towards stress and its impacts on health and wellbeing.

We are inspired by traditional medicines such as the South-Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and the miracles that they have been doing for many generations.

We want to preserve these wonderful traditions and support the people who cultivate them, like our trusted growers, while giving back to their communities and to the environment.

The bottom line is that we believe that the power held by these intelligent plants and fungi aka 'Adaptogens' can allow you to have the life you want and want to be there to support you through your journey for better health.

Our core values

Sustainability: "The Key Principles of Organic Farming are based on care and respect for the society and our environment". This quote leads our doing in every way. We ensure all our products are organic, supporting healthy soils, have a positive impact on the environment and are beneficial for our growing communities. We’re leading the industry with our sustainability commitments.

Quality: We searched the globe in order to source the highest quality adaptogens in the market. We made meaningful connections and met wonderful growers that are passionate about herbs, mushrooms and their effects as much as we are. So we are 100% confident it’s a win.

Education: We want to offer you education on everything stress management, health, wellbeing, herbs and mushrooms. We hope these will empower you to make conscious decisions when it comes to your health as well as the planets’ health.

Connections: First and fore most we are here to create strong connections between our wonderful community. We do this by support each and everyone of you in building and maintaining a connection with your body, with your mind and with nature.

Our herbs and mushrooms

We elevate the term ‘wholesome health’ by not removing any part of the mushroom or herb before supplying it to you. This is because we believe in the intelligence of the plants and mushrooms we carefully source. We believe they know best what parts in them to amplify to support you.

Plants and fungi are the reason we are able to walk this planet in the first place. They were the first to inhabit the Earth, creating soil from rock and oxygen from toxic gases. They allowed for the development of all animals and they supported them through millions of years of evolution by offering food, shelter and medicine.

By offering you the entire herb and mushroom we allow them to use their intelligence to form a unique relationship that can support the physical and spiritual body. Which can bring enhanced sensations and deeper healing with consumption. And that’s why we don’t extract them.