About Us

Tulsi Spirit is a holistic company that ethically sources high quality herbs and mushrooms from India, the USA and the pristine forests of Northern Europe. They are collected at their peak, and using special cold-drying and cold-milling techniques we protect their heat-sensitive enzymes.

Basically, we ensure all the goodies are available for you and well, us.

Our mission

We are inspired by traditional medicines such as the South-Indian Ayurveda and the Chinese medicine, and the miracles that they have been doing for many generation.

We want to preserve these wonderful traditions and support the people who cultivate them, like our trusted growers, while giving back to their communities and to the environment.

Our guiding force is to encourage a change in the attitude towards health, curing and preventing illnesses.

The bottom line is that we believe that the power held by these intelligent plants and fungi aka 'Adaptogens' can allow you to have this 'life' you want and we'll be here to support you through your journey.

Our values

"The Key Principles of Organic Farming are based on care and respect for the society and our environment".

Sustainability is at the core of our company and so, in every step, we consider the impact on the environments and the communities we work with.

We want to share with you how we go about creating a business that supports a healthy planet, biodiversity and strong farming communities around the world.

In the core of our values is giving back.
That's why we give back 1% of our revenue to incredible causes such as sustainable packaging development, rewilding projects in the Scottish Highlands, organic farming and empowering women.

Who we are

Tulsi Spirit is a family business.

Growing up in a home that was all about learning about and embracing the 'alternative', the 'traditional' and the 'ancient'. We learnt to respect plants and their amazing qualities.

We learnt to utilise their magic to help us live our lives to the fullest! And over the years plants became an integral part of our lives, so adding them to our everyday diet just felt natural.

When imagining Tulsi Spirit we wanted to make it as easy and intuitive for you to add adaptogens to your diet. So, you can enjoy this feeling of vitality and overall well-being everyday.

Much love,

The Tulsi Spirit Team