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Regenerative Organic

Our farmers are all small and marginal farmers who undergo group certification to get their land certified. These farmers usually have a land holding of less than 4 acres and hence, practicing Organic Agriculture reduces their dependence on expensive chemicals and also provides them economic independence. All our farmers to take up inter-cropping in their fields. This ensures the farmer gets more income from the same piece of land and also helps in soil conditioning.


The Ayurveda has been developed in India over the past 5000 years. It uses special herbs, massages and nutrition as part of a whole way of life. It spreads over all health-related aspects from physical, mental, spirituals, communal and planetary. The Ayurveda realises that the health of the individual is interwoven in the health of its surroundings, and that’s why it treats in a wholistic way.


We ensure that the farmers are always paid a Fair Price for their produce. When the market price is low, we ensure the farmer gets a good premium for his produce, while the market price is high, we give a minimum premium, being fair to the customer too! We try to visit our farmers every year to better understand the challenges they face as well as the positive impact of organic farming in their lives.