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Who we are?

We're a wellness brand making it easy for you to live a happy and healthy life that you love.

Why Tulsi Spirit?

Highest quality adatogens

We only source the ingredients we want to take, nothing less.

Made to empower you

Give you full control to take adaptogens on your own terms.

Environmentally friendly

Member of 1% for the planet, zero waste packaging.

Reishi Mushroom

- Supports deep and quality sleep
- Reduces stress
- Promotes healing of seasonal allergies
- Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Turkey Tails Mushroom

- Fights cold, flu and other viruses
- For gut health
- Supports healthy digestion and deceases bloat
- Strengthens the immune system's function

Cordyceps Mushroom

- Improves athletic performance and endurance
- Boosts energy
- Supports the endocrine system
- Supports healthy immune system function

Ashwagandha Root

- Increase vitality, energy and endurance
- Regulates the stress hormone cortisol
- Promotes healthy sexual drive and reproductive system
- Stimulates thyroid and adrenal functions

Chaga Mushroom

- Boosts the immune system
- Reduces anxiety and stress
- Promotes health skin, hair, and nails
- Fights fatigue and brings energy

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Lion's Mane Mushroom

- Improves memory and creativity
- Increases concentration and clarity
- Balances moods
- Balances the nervous system

Shiitake Mushroom

- Cleans the skin
- Assists in Detox and healthy liver
- Lowers cholesterol levels
- Contains 7 vital amino acids

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Leaf

- Lowers blood sugar levels
- Increases mental clarity and calmness
- Improves hormonal balance
- Helpful for asthma and allergies

Maiitake Mushroom

- Supports weight loss
- Regulates blood sugar
- Improves digestion
- Boosts the immune system

Mucuna Pruriens Seed

- Helps in dealing with emotional stress
- Enhances sex drive and fertility
- Brings good mood and vivid dreams
- Promotes overall well-being

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