Why do we use plastic packaging?

We are well aware of the negative impact irresponsible disposal of plastic has on our planet. However, after an extensive research and trial, we can say that currently this is the only way we can deliver on the quality of the products we can happy with.

We want to be a company that pioneers in sustainability and helps people make responsible decisions. That's how we make all of our decisions while staying true to our values. And although many companies now use "bioplastics" and "compostable" packaging, we decided such a step would not be true to us.

This is because after speaking with the OPRL (On Pack Recycling Label) and the recycling guidance charity - RECOUP, we understood these packagings cannot be recycled, are not being composted and end up in landfill.

The recycling infrastructure in the UK and many other European countries isn't developed yet to accommodate bioplastics and these wouldn't be collected by local councils.

Also, most councils don't collect garden waste for industrial composting, which is how compostable packaging should be disposed of. If this is collected in your council, all plastic found in this waste would be taken out to avoid contamination. Even compostable plastics as these cannot be identified by a machine.

If this change in the future or better technology that will allow home composting be achieved we would love to change all of our products packaging. And we hope this statement made it easier for you to understand our decision.