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We created this special bundle to support you in this difficult time.

We believe that the best thing we can all do right now is to build a healthy immune system and reduce stressors whenever possible.

And these are exactly the qualities of each one of these wonder-making plants and mushrooms. So, each in it's own specific way, will support you and together they will offer and overall body-mind-spirit balance that is most important to achieve now.

Turkey Tails - is our immunity superhero! boosts the immunity system and especially beneficial against infectious illnesses.

Cordyceps - strengthens the lungs and support them staying health (did you know where the covid-19 sits on your lungs?!)

Ashwagandha - because this is a stressful time. Watching the news and stressing about it will only weaken your immune system. Ashwagandha will help to ground you.

Reishi - for those sleepless nights stressing about you or your loved ones. Reishi supports deep and quality sleep that supports in turn you immunity. Also, to help you with seasonal allergies that could put you in the 'at-risk' group.